What is Panache?
Panache is a platform where brands connect with Micro Influencers to advertise their products and services.

How do I qualify as a Micro Influencer?
If you are on social media (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook only) have a following in between 100 to 2000 and are receiving a minimum of 10% engagement on every post, you are a Micro Influencer.

What if I have less than 100 followers?
Unfortunately, if you have less than 100 followers on your social media account you won’t qualify as a Micro Influencer and can’t work on campaigns. However, the great thing about social media is that you can always grow your friends list. Once you reach that big 100, come back to join us.

What if I have more than 2000 followers?
If you have more than 2000 followers you can still sign up to the app and can also work campaigns. However, the payment you receive will remain the same as our 1500-2000 group of Micro Influencers.

What is engagement?
Engagement is the amount of views, likes, shares and comments you receive on posts you upload.

How do I use the Panache app?
Influencers: As a Micro Influencer you create your profile, synchronize your social media pages and simply browse through campaigns. When you see a campaign you would like to work on, click the ‘join campaign’.
Brands: It’s as simple as listing a product on Ebay. Complete all areas of the ‘create campaign’ section and your campaign will be posted live to thousands of Micro Influencers.

How do I join?
Download the Panache app from the app store and simply sign up with Facebook or your email address.

What information do I need to sign up?
To sign up you need an email address, contact number and password. You will also be prompted to complete your profile which includes giving your address and government issued identification. This is necessary so we know we are paying the right person.

How old do I have to be to use Panache?
16 and over.

What is a campaign?
Campaigns are adverts listed by brands. This can be pictures or videos with a caption and hash tags.

How do I upload a campaign onto my social media page?
Once you decide to work on a campaign, the next step will automatically schedule a post to be uploaded to your social media account. This will vary in every campaign as different brands will want different times and dates.

What is a scheduled post?
A scheduled post is a campaign that is already set to be uploaded for a future date and time.

Why do posts need to be scheduled?
Posts need to be scheduled because if a brand lists a campaign today and they want this campaign to go live in the coming few weeks, Micro Influencers may forget to upload the post on the set date and time. Scheduling posts takes the stress away from the brand and the Influencers.

How long does the campaign have to be up on my social media account?
Active campaigns that are live on Micro Influencers social media accounts need to be up for ATLEAST 48 HOURS. If posts are deleted before this time, then analytics reports cannot be generated to be sent to the brands and Micro Influencers will not get paid. After 48 hours have past, Micro Influencers can delete any campaign posts.

How much do I get paid?
Micro Influencers are paid according to the number of followers they have on their social media account. The groups below will define the payments.
If you have:
· 100-500 followers, you will get paid £3.00 for each campaign
· 500-1000 followers, you will get paid £5.00 for each campaign
· 1000-1500 followers, you will get paid £7.50 for each campaign
· 1500-2000 followers, you will get paid £10.00 for each campaign
If users with 2000+ followers join the app, you will be ranked in the same group as 1500-2000 and will get paid £10.00 for each campaign.

How do I get paid?
To get paid you need to work on campaigns for brands. Once you have successfully worked on a campaign or more, payments will be released to your PayPal account.

Why do I get paid?
You get paid because you are advertising on your social media accounts on behalf of brands.

Can we choose which campaign we would like to join?
Yes absolutely. Panache is an open platform and the choice is yours on whether you would like to work on a campaign or not.

Why can I not join a campaign?
There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to join a campaign.
· You will not be able to join a campaign if it clashes with the scheduled date of another campaign you have joined. The reason for this is, uploading too many posts from brands on the same day may lead to your social account to look like spam. Moreover, this will cause your followers and engagement levels to decrease.
·You have not completed your profile or authenticated yourself by uploading your identification to our app.
·You have been removed by the brand or the Panache team off a campaign as you don’t qualify as a Micro Influencer.
Campaigns may be specified to Micro Influencers of a certain group, age, sex or location which you don’t fit. E.g. a brand may list a campaign for Micro Influencers in the group of 1000-1500 followers. You might have 500-1000 followers which won’t qualify you to join that campaign. Or a campaign may be set for females only and you being a male won’t qualify to promote their brand.

When do I get paid?
Payments are made at the end of every month.

What if my payment is delayed?
If your payment is delayed, contact us on help@thepanacheapp.com

I didn’t get paid, what do I do?
· Check your ‘revenue’ on the app once again to make sure you haven’t missed it
· Check to ensure that you haven’t already transferred the money to PayPal or your bank account
· Wait till the end of the month as that’s when payments are released
· Check to see if your bank and PayPal details are correct

If you had deleted a campaign post before 48 hours, this is the reason you haven’t been paid If you still need help, contact help@thepanacheapp.com

I deleted a campaign off my social media account before 48 hours. Can I still get paid?
No. Deleting campaign posts before 48 hours are against the Panache app rules and you will not get paid. This is because brands are paying for Micro Influencers to advertise for 48 hours and it’s unfair to charge them if their campaign wasn’t delivered properly.

If there are problems with the app or a campaign, who do I contact?
· Try updating the app as we may have a new version release
· Try restarting your phone
· Try deleting the app and downloading it again

If problems persist, contact help@thepanacheapp.com

How do we know all Micro Influencers are real and not bots?
The Panache app itself is designed with security built features which detects inactive or unusual accounts. However, to make certain the app is not holding any fake accounts the Panache team are always browsing through profiles to check for authenticity

I’m a Micro Influencer, do I get charged to use the app?
We charge 3% for payment transfers. Besides that, the app is completely free to use.

Are there any hidden fees or charges?
None at all.

What fees do I pay as a company?
As a promoting company the only cost incurred is the cost of your campaign. There are no other charges.

What platforms is Panache available on?
Panache is currently available on the app store. We will soon be looking to release our web and android application.

I need help setting up a campaign?
If you need help setting up a campaign you can contact us on 0121 692 1222 or email us at info@thepanacheapp.com

What payment platform do you use?
Our payments processing partner is PayPal as it’s a known brand to most people.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account?
Brands: As a brand you can deposit payments through PayPal without having to create an account. If you are having issues just send us an email on help@thepanacheapp.com and we will give you a call back with a solution.

Influencers: Having a PayPal account is essential to receive payments. You can create an account here www.paypal.com

I have a question that’s not on here?
Send us your question to help@thepanacheapp.com

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